Monday, 5 December 2011

I am just about recovered....

from the scary drive we had yesterday.

We woke up to snow. A light covering. We had planned to go to Delgaty Castle's Victorian Weekend Craft Fair.
The further we drove inland the worse it got. The roads, although main roads, were totally untreated. At one point, going round a right hand bend, very slowly, in second gear, my back end, sorry, the cars back end decided to try and beat the front end. As we were sliding gracefully towards a stone wall and a ditch I remembered, "Drive into the skid." So I did.
At this point the Dawn Patroller, said, "Well, we are over half way there, might as well keep going."
As we crawled towards a road junction meeting a main road I realised it was sheet ice and the only way to stop was to do yet another twirl.

But we got there.
My friend Isobel and her stall.

Someone else's stall. Fantastic hats.

Some really scary Victorian carol singers.
There was also a man on a barrel organ.
A real man and a real barrel organ.
Joan, our friend, who runs the castle was most miffed that people were actually complaining about "The din."
But, it really was awful. Very loud. In fact whilst having coffee and cake in the tea room a woman stood up and shut the door and got cheered.
Our journey home was almost as scary although I did not see the back end of the car in any position than where it belonged. It took me a long time to loosen my hands from gripping an imaginary steering wheel. Whew.

I leave you with this image.
Is he mad?
Will he recover?


Susan T said...

Yep he is mad!

And I think getting around in Lancashire is bad enough in awful weather, having said that there are a lot more people about to slide the car into.

simplyvintage said...

Glad you are recovering and it wasn't more serious. I so know that feeling of gripping the steering wheel hours after arriving at a destination. My heart sank when I awoke to the white stuff this morning. Luckily the roads here had been treated and weren't bad, but the prospect of my daily 56 mile round trip to work and back fills me with dread at this time of year. Take care. xxx

Anonymous said...

Yes, the joys of winter driving...I've got a fair bit of it tomorrow, only we've had about 3 inches here, and it's frozen solid.

Your day out looked fun! I would have probably cheered too, if I'd been in the tearoom! :)

BadPenny said...

Ha ! Quite mad !!!

A Trifle Rushed said...

He's probably related to my husband's family, they swim whatever the weather! And yes they are all mad!
Glad you survived the road trip it sounds nerve racking!

I replied to your kind comment about the LED lights with some suggestions about where to buy them.

Anonymous said...

Whew that sounds like an unforgettable journey! I'm very glad you got home safely Jill. The Delgaty Castle Christmas fair looks like good fun - but as for the surfer... well I suppose the difference in recovery time might be that he chose to go surfing whereas you didn't choose to go crazy-driving.

BadPenny said...

That does sound scarey ! How funny about the Din. I was staying in a hotel in Southport with my mum last year & the Piano was playing all by it's self ! We asked for it to be turned down & everyone cheered !

Mad surfer !