Friday, 2 December 2011

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Our first frost of 2011. Have to say that nature is a far better artist than moi. Would that I could make permanent the leaf pictures on my car's bonnet!

This time last year we had already had weeks of minus 14 degrees. After the mild November of this year this was a bit of a shock. Afraid that drivers had totally forgotten how to drive on icy, untreated roads, which of course we have here, so some scary moments outside our house as we waited for some vehicle to enter our house......

One of my latest pictures which I am afraid I shall ruin tomorrow when I apply a water colour wash. I was told by my art teacher that David Hockney could get away with it...... Hah a challenge then.
Not afraid of the robin, I got so close with the camera, but then I got the shakes. Afraid of frightening him

And finally. Our two Christmas Trees, one for the sitting room and one for the dining room, both locally grown. But I am afraid I will ruin them tomorrow when I get down to decorating them.

I try not to be too political in this blog. But another happening of today was we had a visit from a chap who examined our loft.

The Scottish Government sent us a questionnaire a few weeks back on energy saving which we duly filled in. We have always recycled, had energy saving bulbs, turned off lights, yawn yawn. But as a result of all this we are to have our loft insulated to the now recommended level for FREE.

On the other hand the British Government has reduced our Pensioners Winter Fuel Payment by £50. We did get £250, we now get £200. A couple of weeks ago I filled half our tank of oil which does our heating and hot water and it cost almost £400. I expect to have to top it up again after the New Year. We cant actually afford to fill the tank. Oil prices continue to increase, many of you will see that when you go to fill your car up. Bear that in mind when it is your only source of heating and hot water. We have no gas here, despite it being brought in from the North Sea, couple of miles up the road!

I am afraid that what we hope to save from the increased loft insulation will not be anywhere near what we now have to pay out to keep warm and clean.

Next year I am saving for a wood burning stove and I will burn the bloody Christmas Trees.


Annie said...

We've had a few flakes of snow a couple of days, but things have quickly warmed up and so far no frosts. I'm finding this years unseasonable warmth far more uncanny than last years Artic weather. Love the frost flowers :D

Mum said...

Hey, good for you, have a good rant. Just popped by to say that I've passed on an award to you. Hope you don't mind and hope it will make you smile. Please don't burn your trees, I want to see them decorated! Love the frosty leaf artwork and yours, of course. Please tell the dawn patroller that I look forward to seeing his pics.
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

I know it is slightly off the point but I would kill for a log burning stove. We stayed at Galloway House estate for a holiday this year, and I fell in love with the stove in a BIG way. We only have central heating here no chimneys.

I think the government is going to squeeze us all till the pips squeak. But on a serious note I think it is high time we found a healthy balance between our expectations and reality. Goodness that was serious for a Saturday morning.!

In the meantime I hope that the big freeze doesn't descend. It will make your lovely part of the world beautiful but oh so cold.

Pomona said...

We don't have gas either - but we do now heat with wood, and thus avoid having to turn the heating on. I can highly recommend woodburners!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

We saved up and bought a stove about 10 years ago. Best thing we ever did. It was pricey, but has paid us back. Very handy in powercuts too.

PS. Make sure you dry out your Christmas trees for 2 years before burning, lol! (You can't burn green wood in them, they gum up the chimney.)