Thursday, 29 December 2011

Trip round Fraserburgh.

First I should explain that my rant yesterday was concerning my beautiful summer house, my artists studio, my music centre, my drinking den, my sewing room, my chill out zone.

The worst weather this part of Scotland has had for many a year took off the cladding on the roof and part of the green felt underneath.  This was on the 8th/9th December.  On the 23rd December the Insurance Assessor came out and his infinite wisdom has informed us that it is wear and tear.  He appears to be basing this on the fact that nails were rusty.  By the time he came out even I would have been rusty if I had been exposed to the elements for that long.  The fight continues.  What on earth do we pay insurance premiums for.  Had it not been 80 - 90 mph winds the roof would still be on.

Deep breath , now for a trip round Fraserburgh.  Above are the small fishing boats that go out onto the North Sea.  Probably for lobsters.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, part of the Scottish Lighthouse Museum.  The lighthouse is built on top of a castle and no longer works.
This one does.

And is on the edge of the harbour.

Around the harbour are fishing nets.

Also in the sea are the surfers.  

In the town centre is this beautiful sculpture of different kinds of fish - all to be found and fished in the North Sea and brought into the harbour.

There are, unfortunately, like most town centres these days, empty shops.

And hopefully the group on the left are a happy family and not drug dealers.


simplyvintage said...

Thanks for the lovely wander around your little town. I can really understand your rant re insurance, it seems they are all keen to take our premiums but very reluctant to fork out. Have a Happy New Year. xxx

Anonymous said...

What rubbish about 'wear and tear'!!! I hope you will fight that. It reminds me of a letter in the newspaper I saw years ago. An elderly man had crashed into this person's car, and the insurance company refused to cover the damage, saying it was an Act of God. The letter said, "Why did God do this to my car, and why did He have to take the form of a 72-year-old man?"

Thanks for the tour of Fraserburgh. Don't they call it "The Broch"?

Jill Chandler said...

It is indeed called 'The Broch' Christine and you bet we are going to fight!