Friday, 23 December 2011

In the midst of life...

Yesterday we returned to the village, we left some months ago,  to attend a memorial service.  A friend's partner who had died.  The church was packed and we were up in the dress circle.
After the service was over I took the opportunity to take these photographs in the churchyard.

The inscription is "Dinna bury me like a beast."

This  plaque alongside explains .

Jamie had an interesting life, his main achievement was to rescue the family and their treasured possessions by discovering a fire.

We lived in the village for nine years.  This was my first opportunity to see his memorial.  Even though fascinated and interested in the story of Jamie Fleeman.  Of course I had many opportunities.  But running a bed and breakfast meant I was usually too busy to stop and go into the cemetery and view the lair, (Scottish for where someone is buried.)  Whilst mourning my friends partner I had chance to reflect on others long gone.  Our friends partner also had a very interesting life.  And was much appreciated by many.

I decided that never again would I not have time.

So today after (I hope) the last shop, collecting prescription, mundane stuff like buying placemats, after realising we didnt have enough, and last minute present buying, instead of hurtling home I stopped at the harbour.  I marvelled at the amount of ships, sorry, boats, that were anchored there.  

It is Christmas.  The Fishermen do not have to brave the seas for a few days.  I hope they all enjoy their Christmas break with their families as of course I hope we all do.

At this point I should break into the hymn, "For those in peril on the sea."
But as I showed yesterday I cant sing, the organ had to be cranked up to drown out my rendering of "Amazing Grace."


Susan T said...

A very Happy christmas to you Jill.xx

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. I think most people's lives are far more interesting than we imagine. You're right to take time.