Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pot pourri/catch up.

The summer house roof.  No longer on the roof.

As you can see.  However we had four stalwart men come and put a temporary repair on so as to make it weather proof and cover over the electrics.  Which I hadnt realised were bare to the elements.

Sparrowhawk with its kill on our lawn.

Yesterday the Dawn Patroller and I went to a re wedding.  My friend Lena, who is from the North East of England and "My Grahame" re took their wedding vows.  The accents around were, North East, Yorkshire, Scottish, Kent, and the person carrying out the ceremony kept referring to Englandshire.

This is them.
And this is us.

Just about recovered from a day of boozing and eating and celebrating, back to normality.  And the Scottish weather.  Hail, Sunshine, strong winds,  and thinking perhaps I should be getting to grips with Christmas.

So a catch up definitely on the cards.


Susan T said...

Here in Englandshire things are pretty windy too, our spaniel goes out looking like a flying nun, his ears aloft. Happy decorating. a few baubles up and you will be up to speed.

Anonymous said...

Phew, you've had a hectic time of it! I hope all rooves, cables and wires are back where they should be and that you can relax and enjoy Christmas now. Your new granddaughter looks adorable!