Monday, 26 December 2011

Thats it then. All over.

Imaginative and useful Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve meal with friends.

 Canapes. Followed by Prawn Cocktail.

Chef/Dawn Patroller with Venison Casserole.


Cheese and biscuits, and mince pies.
Followed by coffee and chocolates.

As I wended my way down to the summer house I noticed this rose about to bloom.  On the 26th December.

Our Christmas Day dinner unfortunately did not meet the same standards as the one on Christmas Eve.

Skyping eldest daughter,partner, grandsons,  second daughter and partner and fourth daughter in Edinburgh, the DP kept shooting in from the kitchen to say "Hello".

I kept receiving requests from the Dawn Patrollers sister to skype.  Eventually I responded and by this time the DP was at a cruical point in dinner making and he refused to join in.  Then the telephone rang and it was his brother in South Africa.  You cant really say I'll phone you back, particularly as Christmas Day and New Years Day is the only time this particular brother picks up the phone.

So our Christmas dinner was a very nice pheasant each and burnt everything else.

I trust yours was better.

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