Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Morning has broken.

Well now, the Dawn Patroller is back on the case.

The days are getting longer, thank goodness.  As he goes out around 6 a.m. by the time he gets back the sun has risen.  And the geese are off to feed.

 Sometimes he comes across a deer who can be as surprised as he - and poses for his camera. 

So that I can then paint a picture.

These are the pink footed geese the D.P. photographed and I then pen and inked them.
I will do a water colour wash for the sky.

And just because I am a Grandma, I am posting a picture of my third daughter with my first granddaughter who has got through a hell of a lot in her short life.  

Morning has indeed broken, doesn't it make you feel good!

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lily said...

Your photo's of the wonderful landscapes around your home are a tonic Jill........your grandaughter is beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely peaceful Christmas with your family and best wishes for 2012. x