Thursday, 10 January 2019

My daily dose of vitamin sea.

Such great therapy.  I go to the Prom and totally unwind.  My breathing slowly comes back to what I used to recognise as normal.  And I become calm as I look around.  Most days I walk.  I have never been a person who chose to walk.  I drove everywhere.  When I became more diseased I chose to walk and to my surprise I enjoyed it!  Now I cannot walk so far but what I can do I enjoy.

Fishing boats leaving the harbour and returning.

Paddle Surfer.

A Surfer.  This one is a regular and good.

Pied Wagtail.  Lots of these birds today.  So difficult to get a photograph of as they are so quick and dart about.  The top one had been sorting his/her feathers out and had just shook them all back into place so looks quite fluffy.  The one below was just getting ready to dart off.

Almost deserted beach.  Which I prefer.  But then the dog walkers began to arrive.

I had, before going to the Prom, drove the other side of the town to ASDA.  I hate clothes shopping in a shop.  Everything is too high for me to reach.  I worry about picking up airborne germs in the warm environment.  Pathetic but then... So I have two dressing gowns which are so old there is no pile on the bum area.  So I went online and chose one from George at Asda and then went to collect it today.  It is lovely!  No hood like my old 2 which I never used.  This one has a deep collar so keeps warm the neck.  I may well order another in a different colour.

On my return home from the Prom it was down the Shedudio.  

Another place good for my sanity and health.  When painting I am totally absorbed.  I never have worrying thoughts get into my head.  Wonderful therapy.

Oystercatchers from my photo on the screen.

Hopefully get this one finished tomorrow.  Plenty more to do.  Work in Progress hmm rather a pile.

Weather forecast still allowing me to get out and get my daily dose of vitamin Sea.


wherethejourneytakesme said...

I enjoy my daily prom visits with you - perhaps don't benefit from the Vitamin sea as you do though but I can still hear the waves in my head.
I am always amazed at how many paintings you have on the go. I like the group of Oystercatchers - they look like they are specially posing for you.

Chris Elliot said...

Your positive words and attitude are quite inspiring, Jill. Helps me get rid of any negative thoughts. Please keep sharing your daily visits to the prom.

crafty cat corner said...

They must breed them tough up there, surely its still cold in that water even with a wet suit on?
I find jigsaws take me away from worry, I lose myself in them like you and your painting.

BadPenny said...

I like the idea of vitamin sea, It boosts me too xx

mamasmercantile said...

I like a daily dose of vitamin sea too, it is so good for the soul. It is rare to see surfers in the week but there are always some around at the weekend. As always a joy to see your artwork, you are certainly a lady with a talent.