Friday, 11 January 2019

Driving me to my Blue Space.

I received a letter today from the DVLA. (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority)  I had to apply for renewal of my driving licence.  As in March, if I last that long, I am 70 years old.  In this country you have to do this.  

So I went online and filled in a very lengthy questionnaire.  One of the questions asked was could I see well enough to comply with the law.  Yes.  

Did I wear glasses to be able to do this?  No.  

This did not match with their previous information.......  Now there was nowhere on this b****y form to say I have now had 2 cataract replacements.  I have 20/20 vision.  So I fully expect problems having done battle with the DVLA on a previous occasion.  

A lengthy story which would take too long to go into now.  But I won the battle and regained my independence which is what my 4 wheels give me.  I do hope not to have to go through all that again.  At least I have 2 months to do any battles in.  Last time they just removed my driving licence without telling me until I was written off in an accident and my insurance company had to tell me.  It all got sorted and there were apologies....Please not again.  The DP said I should have just said yes I have to wear glasses.  But thats lying.  And I don't do lies.  Rant over.

I read today about BLUE SPACE.  Worth Googling.  Its about visiting the sea watching the sea and how much good it does for you, also includes inland water.

So I went for my Blue Space.

It worked.

Fishing boat leaving the harbour.

Lobster boat returning.

Container boat on the horizon.  Off to unload onto an oil rig.  Precarious looking stacks!

A solitary Oystercatcher.

Back to the Shedudio.

Progress on painting the 4.

Also felt it time to sort out the shop on my facebook page, Buchan Birds and Beasts.  So had to measure some of the mounted ones.  Also checking on how people can pay for the ones they want to buy.  Always asked for BACS payment (Bank transfer), but then remembered I do have a Paypal account.  So big sort out.  

Always something driving me on....


crafty cat corner said...

Sometimes it feels like bad things just keep coming at you doesn't it.
This time last year it was Tom in hospital getting a blockage cleared and this year its the cat, this is going to cost us almost £2,000 by the time its over but what to do? I couldn't just let the cat be put down.
I'm sure you must feel the same way.
Good luck with the driving license.

Bovey Belle said...

I hope that the DVLA play ball properly with you this time. Keith has heard that he will be getting a date for his other cataract operation soon. I am just hoping it won't clash with any of our Fairs, especially the 2 day one as that costs a big chunk to stand at.

I can quite believe how therapeutic watching and smelling the sea are - we all need to be beside it whenever we can manage it.

I love your Oystercatchers painting btw.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

It would seem that the DVLA forms have no allowance for someone's eyesight just getting better - my husband wore glasses once then his eyes just corrected themselves so doesn't need them now - my daughter was the same. I too have had periods when my eyes were clearer - my medication affects mine from day to day so for reading I have different strengths to match my eyesight for the day!
Hope the battle if it comes is short.

Rachel Phillips said...

Why make extra stress for yourself with the DVLA form? Keep it simple.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope the DVLA works out, but better to have been honest.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Oh, that made me feel so much happier, actually knowing there is a reason I feel better beside the sea or rivers and lakes. It explains so much!