Saturday, 12 January 2019

Aroond and aboot.

Bit of excitement yesterday.

Our neighbour across the field had a visitor.  The China Gander was chasing her ponies and later her children!  So she put a plea out on facebook as to who's it was.  So the jungle drums facebook locally commenced.  We are so far apart geographically, as it is so rural here, it is good we are all in contact on facebook.  It did not take long to get the local farmer, who breeds rare breed sheep, wins many prizes etc., to claim ownership.  Also of another 2 gone missing and found, one at the SPCA!  (Scottish RSPCA).  He had only had them a couple of weeks.  Goodness knows why they decided to disperse in different directions.  Quite funny the one that went to the SPCA was thought to be injured as it couldnt fly - it had, as they all had, its wings clipped!

Although my wings are metaphorically clipped I went to the Prom.  20 mph + winds and spitty rain.  

Spring Tide.

Oystercatchers sheltering in the rocks below the Prom.

A Windsurfer way out.  The wreck of the Sovereign on the right and Cairnbulg Beacon on the left.

There were Surfers out too.  One here had just fell off!  He was doing so well....

Both these boats were struggling in the wind to line up to enter the harbour.

As the rain became heavier I returned to the car and came home.

Almost finished.

The deer may well look startled.  I just removed its legs again.  Its at such a funny angle I am struggling with the legs.  One at each corner!

During a break in painting looked out and there was a Treecreeper!  Wowee.  Dart about so fast.  Out of 6 snaps this was the clearest.

Just received an invite to my 2 lovely mates engagement party.  Really thrilled to be invited.  Two lovely, handsome young men who have been together for some time now and preparing to formalise their relationship.  The DP and I will be there.

A great day.  Aroond and aboot.


janipi said...

Facebook can be useful sometimes. The sea looks lively today. I love a bit of sea spray and breeze. Congratulations to your friends. A party to look forward to brightens a dull January day.

justjill said...

Sorry janipi did not make it clear, not til April. Which is good for me as hopefully winter germs have gone.

Chris Elliot said...

Exciting stuff! Lots going on in your neck of the woods.

Fishcake_random said...

I had to giggle at the ponies being chased x

Bovey Belle said...

Great photos today - atmospheric. I would love to just watch the boats going hither and thither. When middle daughter Gabby was in Portsmouth for 6 mths, I visited a couple of times and when she was working, would just sit and watch the busy busy harbour.

Love the Oystercatcher painting and the deer does indeed look startled - query, does it NEED top have legs - that image looks fine to me.

When I was out for a walk last week I noticed movement in an ash tree down by the river and saw a Treecreeper, then another and another - 6 of them (family group perhaps?) all busy about the insects in the bark.

BethB from Indiana said...

Love the deer painting.

Sue in Suffolk said...

tree creeper envy!
Hope you find out where to put the legs :-)

mamasmercantile said...

It has been grey and gloomy here with winds and rain not conducive for a walk out so we have enjoyed the cosiness of our cottage. The deer painting is looking good. Congratulations to your friends.