Friday, 12 January 2018

Windy - again.

I really hate the wind.  Many years ago when our four kids were small all we could afford for a holiday was our 6 berth tent.  Bought cheap as cheap in the Rent a tent shop.  (Rent a tent seem to have gone forever.)  

We all loved camping.  Then one year we went to Whitby.  Camped on a camp site on the cliff.  

As we went to bed I said to the DP "It's a bit windy."  and he said, "We'll be fine."  

Next thing was a haloo from the coastguard telling us to evacuate the cliff.  This is in the pitch dark, raining, and I have 4 young children to get into the car and drive off the cliff not knowing in which direction.  I do know we lost the nappy bucket and my gold earrings, but the rest is a blur.  We managed the camp site pub where everyone else was.  Then the roof of said pub threatened to lift off....  We did survive and got home.  The DP was very proud our tent was one of the last to blow down.  It took over a week for said tent to dry out draped in the house.

So I do not like the wind.  And it is back.

So no walk today.

I would have had a go had it been sunny.  But it was ultra gloomy.  Plus I had taken my second monthly pill, to prevent breaking bones, particularly the spine which I had a fracture.  And still not sure whether there was to come a side effect, the list of which are horrific.  I am still here.  Hey ho.

So my walk was to the shedudio.

On the drawing board, Tommy, the pony.  Watercolour.  

Windy again tomorrow, but I will get out and probably just get to the railings on the Prom and hold on tight.


Anonymous said...

when you said Whitby I for a second I thought, wow, shes was in Canada,, lol we have a town called Whitby here in Ontario, lol but then I realized no thats not where you meant. Thats was a scary experience, my gosh,, your painting shed is beautiful and that painting is lovely!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

We had a holiday on similar lines. We took a tent to the Orkney Islands, it was windy,wet and cold for 2 weeks and on the second last day, while we were out, the tent blew down and according to other not so happy campers. .. It rolled around the field scattering all our things every where. ...... not one of our better holidays!

Chris Elliot said...

I always enjoy your posts, Jill. They are so funny and entertaining. Love the camping story. I hate camping and always have but you make it sound fun!

crafty cat corner said...

We've got great memories of camping, we didn't have much money and took single mattresses in the back of a van along with all the other bits and do you know what, it was great. We still all talk about those camping days and the time when a flock of turkeys chase the two younger ones across a field. lol

DUTA said...

I'm quite afraid of winds and storms, also of floodings -matter of childhood trauma. We had a nasty, overflowing river in my hometown. The area around the river was usually more windy. Over the years, I followed my Mom's advice: 'If possible, never live close to a body of water or forest (fire danger)' . I live, however, in a country which is constantly under threat of fire...of arms.

Your shedstudio looks beautiful.

janipi said...

That would put me off camping forever. I think your shedudio is a pretty place to escape to and be creative.

Gail, northern California said...

You just keep plugging away. I admire your determination...not only the daily walk if possible but the medical prescriptions, exercises and treatment. You still keep your wonderful sense of humor, something we all enjoy too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

One of the things I like about your paintings is the Gestalt effect Jill. I had to look at it for quite a while before I got the pony image - when I did I loved it. I loved it before but until I centred on the eye I couldn't make out what it was.

BadPenny said...

We had the big canvas frame tent. We were camping in France for the very first time when there was a tornado. My dad, a Royal Marine strapped the tent down and had us all hanging on to the frame ! In the morning ours was the only tent standing. I heard a little boy singing Raindrops keep falling and heard his dad yell, "I'll give you bloody raindrops ! "
Hope you can get out soon x

Hilary said...

your first photo on this post is so gorgeous, I put it on my desktop so I can see it every time I open my laptop. What an incredible beautiful place.