Monday, 8 January 2018

Happy Day.

You never stop learning.  I had always thought I had to check my spit.  If its green = infection.  Okay too much information.  But have now come to realise that increased shortness of breath is not necessarily just part of the disease.  It is an indication of what they call an exacerbation - which needs antibiotics.  As I can now breathe better, feel better than for weeks, appetite back yay!

So here I am back down the Prom courtesy of the DP  driving.  Warm, wind proof and wet proof clothing.  Its a wonder I can move with all that gear on!

Another sunny day.  But with a wind which made it much colder.

Note the frost still there on the Dunes this was at 1 p.m. and sunshine since dawn...

Five Surfers in total today.

Including one who got it right.

Here is the DP, note the lens he has.

A small bunch of Oystercatchers sunning themselves.


Having a stroll.

Back home and to the shedudio.  Before I leave for the Prom the DP goes down and puts food into my bird feeders outside the windows of the shedudio.  Also puts the convector heater on.  When I eventually go down there it is nice and cosy.  If not I have a blaster, fan heater to top the heating up.  We are still in credit to our new electric company, Octopus, in winter and I do a monthly meter reading, so no horrible surprises due.  I recommend everyone to change their supplier every year as we do.  Even remaining with your current supplier so long as you ask for a new fixed price.

At 3 p.m. with sun on the garden since 8 a.m. there was still frost.

Some you win,some you lose.  The right foot looks deformed, thats the artist at fault :(  But its all about every day draw.  You learn.

We watched a taped new Vera tonight.  Brilliant.  So a very Happy Day.


Anonymous said...

you are a soldier braving that wind! What a wonderful thing to have those anti biotics help your condition,, now you know that maybe you jusT need the antibiotics sometimes, excellent news!
Beautiful painting! We do see Gulls here with deformed feet from frost bit so maybe thats what that birds trouble is lol,,looks great to me!

DUTA said...

Your gear looks quite all right, and the red color suits your complexion.

Lynda said...

So glad you are feeling better and getting out and about.

What a thoughtful DP!
Maybe I should get one :)) xx

Penny said...

I do enjoy your posts, you are so positive, your paintings are an inspiration and the photos are beautiful. You are so cold and we have periods of extreme heat. What a world we live in. Go well.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

That is a seriously beautiful place you live!

About changing providers . . . I have recently moved to a new house and the palaver we had in changing providers took months so I got put off the process rather.