Monday, 15 January 2018

Blue Monday?

Apparently we are all supposed to be in the depths of a deep depression?  Never heard of Blue Monday before.  Well I am not in the depths.

Not blue either, Green.

We both like this chair.  Unfortunately this is one of those companies who advertise free delivery and then want to charge £45 because you live in Aberdeenshire.  Really?  Stagecoaches are long gone.  I would have bought two of these.  But.... I will try and contact them and ask if they are aware that the Scottish and British Government are looking into these rip off charges and could they reconsider, otherwise I will shop elsewhere.

It was sunny today and hardly any wind.

I did my pulmonary physio exercises after a long gap with having the chest infection and did very well.  Pleased with myself.  After lunch I headed off to the Prom.

Plenty Oystercatchers.

Herring Gulls getting their adult plumage.  In the background Blackheaded Gulls.

Who all flew off when two galloping dogs appeared.

But they did come back again.

Then it was to the local hospital for my regular chat with my physiotherapist.  He checks my diary of exercises.  Generally gives lots of encouragement.  Today I asked him why my oxygen levels were always fairly high.  He explained that the air going in gets sorted by the parts of the lungs and that my obstruction was in the upper airways.  So the reason for doing the exercises is to keep all parts of my body working and using the oxygen because if you just sit then your body shuts down, including your heart...................... Why has no-one ever spelled this out to me?  And the other plus for exercises it releases chemicals in your brain which makes you feel good.  

So am I blue?  Most definitely not.  Weather permitting I shall walk a bit further every day and up the levels of each pulmonary physical exercise.  Ha.


Jean Fleming-Kehler said...

Blue Monday was started by a travel company in the UK in 2015 and the name stuck. We’ve heard nothing but blue Monday on the radio today. Love your blog. Love your chair. Maybe I’ll looky see if there is something similar here in Canada. My sister and I both do pulmonary excersices. I have asthma, she has pulmonary fibrosis.

Mum said...

I'm not blue either so does that mean we're in the pink?

Anonymous said...

no bluemonday here either,, that green chair is beautiful I hope they choose to change their policy but I doubt they will,, its the same practice here, we live quite far north and get charged many charges because of location our southerly towns and cities do not.
That was really interesting about the lungs,, I never knew that,, keep excising is all I can say, keep up the good work!