Thursday, 11 January 2018


The DP and I had a meeting at Dalrymple Hall.  He is chair and I am secretary of Fraserburgh Art Group.  The Group's aim is to encourage visual arts.  So every year we have an exhibition.  This will be in October again.  Our facebook page is Fraserburgh Art Summer Exhibition, FASE for short.  There was some discussion about changing the name as the exhibition last year and this is in Autumn.  But I am not sure how to change it and have nearly 500 permanent followers and lots more who view the page. So it will remain!  It is open to anyone so do check it out.

After the meeting, and a bit later than normal we went to the Prom.

It had been sunny all day but the sun was heading downwards, this was just after 3 p.m.

It had become very cold also.

There were 2 Surfers.

Plenty members of the Gull Gang.

Plus the lovely Oystercatchers.

The DP has gone to his weekly meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society and he is running a tutorial on stacking, whatever that means.  I hope it went well as he has been working hard and bad tempered for the last three days.

I watched a George Gently I had previously taped.  I tape programmes so I can avoid all the stupid adverts.

Tomorrow I have minutes to write, people to contact, start publicising the exhibition.  Oh, and not forget to book Dalrymple for the weekend in October!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos, the gulls are beautiful against that cloudy stormy background.
we really enjoy the George gently series,,

crafty cat corner said...

Sounds like you are busy, busy.
We, like you tape things although I am always getting told off by my Grandson because its recording now, I am still in the past, lol
I cannot believe how people can sit and watch the same adverts time and time again. If we do leave them on we mute the tv.