Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Looking around the studio/shed/drinking den/opera theatre/bird hide it suddenly struck me that I am a stalker.

Of blogs.

I do try and always ask permission, but there might be the odd one that slips through due to my artistic excitement......

And such amazing photographs all bloggers share with us to illustrate their lives.

I do have a soft spot for feathered species.

But then there are the four legged beauties.....

And such lovely homes (the ones above do not go together, just the work in progress group.)

There are a few more, but by this time I was becoming extremely embarrassed.

So here is one of mine own.  Whose expression is sufficiently disapproving for me to shrink and cower at my audacity.

Thank you to all who feed my 'habit'.


Laurie said...

beautiful work, love the cats eyes!!!

christinelaennec said...

Great habit to feed, Jill - thanks for rewarding us with your beautiful creations!

Mum said...

And we are watching you, too!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Ha Ha. A friend in Australia reads my Blog & feels like she's stalking me !
I have more readers than commenters, I know some are family, but I'd love to know who the others are !
Stalk away at my place - Joe's photo became a lovely painting which you then sold !

Jess smiled at your suggestion she keeps a Blog about her American adventures. I think it will go on FaceBook ( which I recently de-activated. Might have to activate when she goes ! )

justjill said...

Dont forget skype Penny!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Aha, I think I spy young Finn! We have another fabulous photo of him that Ted took, just a head shot ... I thought of you, it would make a marvellous painting :D