Saturday, 5 January 2013

Exhibiting - a Tutorial.

S - o - m -e of the day WAS spent on chores, cleaning, dusting, wiping, mopping, usual hanging up of clothes cast over the bedroom chair..... just a slut really.

But then twas a rush to get stuff sorted for the exhibition on Monday.  This is not just gathering up ones works of art rubbish .  But some of those works of art have to be photographed, printed off, and stuck onto card, that has been folded, and making labels for the back of cards, and placing envelopes and putting all in a sealed plastic see through effort to present it for sale!  Never count your labour costs, no one would ever be able to afford you.

Then there are the 'Prints'.  Take picture of work of art (rubbish)  print out, frame with mount place on piece of very expensive backing paper , and put into large clear plastic envelope, equally expensive.

Work out cost of backing paper, frame, envelope, take no account of hours involved  - and price.

 Framed original art work.  Ensure pricing takes into account cost of framing. (ignore hours labouring)

Make labels, title, media, price, print off, laminate, cut, not forgetting ones biography.

"I live in a rural part of this North East Corner.  But only minutes away from the sea.
My inspiration comes from what I see around me.
Struggling to portray what I see keeps me quiet – a blessing to many.
Most of my painting are in water colour, but I do love pen an and ink, which does tend to creep in, the purists will say far too much.
I hope you enjoy my pictures.
Just remember there is a lot to be said for Artistic Licence, though to date, I have not got one.

Pack into bags, distributing weight so one can carry from car park to exhibition.  Ensure inhaler packed.

Then go down shed/studio/drinking den/opera theatre/bird hide.

And PLAY with Christmas Gifts.  Daughter number 3 gave me a set of inks, all different colours, eight of them.  Had to wait until today for the nibs to arrive for me to play.


Guess what I am doing now?  Cheers.


BadPenny said...

What a lot of work. Enjoy playing with your inks !

Mum said...

Wishing you lots of success with your exhibition. Enjoy your playing.
Love from Mum

♥ Tina said...

Phew, I feel tired out now. Lock the door of your studio and enjoy those inks! xx

Laurie said...

how exciting I would love to try the inks as well!

christinelaennec said...

Phew, who would have thought being an artist involved such a lot of hard work? (Joking.) I LOVE your bio!

I sifted through the Christmas cards for recycling yesterday - but kept your lighthouse with mittens one! x

rusty duck said...

How I envy shed/studio/drinking den/bird hide etc.
Good luck with the exhibition. Cheers!

Marjorie said...

All the best with the exhibition.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

And may you sell every last piece.

It has been a privilege to watch you develop as an artist through your blog Jill, and I love your artist statement.

Have fun with the inks :D

justjill said...

You are all so kind and encouraging. Thank you!