Monday, 7 January 2013

Isnt Technology Wonderful! NO.

Once upon a time a tablet was something you swallowed with a glass of water.

After much deliberation, and some careful budgeting, I decided to purchase one of the above.  There it is sitting on my desk/dressing table.  Just sitting.  And sitting.  Nowhere in the instructions, after telling you how to connect it to the electric to power the battery, does it tell you for how long.  Will it ping like a microwave when its done?  The DP airily did something mysterious on the edge and up came the battery charging picture.  And then went again.

Its times like this I miss the daughters.  

However what they would do is no help to me.  They whiz about with their fingers, press buttons, and I end up with a phone I cant stand the ring tone of and still have no idea what to do when it plays Nirvana at full blast.  

Well I do have an idea.  I pretend its not mine, specially if in the middle of Tescos.  

Its taken me years and only after taking advice from a fellow wrinkly I found out how to delete messages received and sent that spanned years, and could not face deleting every one individually, not knowing there was a 'check all' and then delete the lot.

When the clocks go back and forward I need at least a couple of hours to remember how to change the time on the phone and in the car too.  By the time I finish they both say different to each other and then for months I am trying to remember which is fast, which is slow, and am always glad when I have to drive past the church clock in Fraserburgh which I hope is right.

Now you may well ask why on earth does this techno dim wit want a tablet.  Well.  A lot of artists use photography to paint from, or use as a guide.  Once you enlarge a photograph it becomes blurred. 
Ok possibly the DP would love to spend even more money on some equipment that didnt do that, but hey, its my turn.  

The screen on the tablet is sharper and you can zoom in on parts and get even sharper definition, such as the colour of an eye.  

A tablet is also more portable than lugging a lap top round with you, and mine takes a lot of messing about with to see detail.  Apparently all you have to do with a tablet is wave your finger at it.  

So I can take it, with uploaded photos, to art class/group and down the shed, and well, just anywhere.

However, I now have another problem.  I need it upright to paint from the photo it is showing me.  So - its back to t'internet to source a stand.  And me and t'internet, well thats another story.

Meanwhile the tablet is just sitting there and if I prod it it shows me a picture.


Mum said...

You're doing better than me. I can't even work the TV remote(s).
Love from Mum

♥ Tina said...

Well good for you for giving it a go...I'd be bamboozled! xx

BadPenny said...

I am a dinosaur when it comes to all this stuff. I was born in the wrong age - simple

rusty duck said...

I will watch and learn.

Susan T said...

I am with Penny and I am older than her too, I use one but I loath mobile phones. I have only just learned to text.