Thursday, 3 January 2013


Christmas and New Year has seemed to go on and on this year.  My normal shooting here there and everywhere was stymied as here there and everywhere was shut.  In Scotland New Year is the biggie and although many places are open on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day), here everything shuts for two days at Hogmanay.  Unlike the rest of Great Britain where the return to work is the 2nd January.

So as I rose this morning I suddenly realised that on Monday I am to exhibit my paintings at the Cafe Connect.

After doing a quick run through of what I have finished, panic really took over.  Many of my paintings had been happily donated as Christmas Gifts to friends and family (whether they liked it or not.)  

So, into town, fell through the door of Doug Irvine, framer, frightened him to death as I was so pleased he was back open, and presented him with the wet hens.

Doug is a lovely bloke, but not one you can zoom in and out from.  It takes time to choose a mount, as he has so many, and even more time to choose a frame. ( And I am still not sure I have got it right. ) 

Also we did tend to converse at different tangents and when he suddenly yanked down the ceiling of his workshop shouting, "I have the very thing!"  I did get a bit worried.   

However, all was well, in fact very well, as he produced a spotlight.  This being the answer to my problem discussed a few minutes earlier about lighting work at the exhibitions to be held at the Museum.  In fact there were a number of these spotlights.  Which will mean when his Art Group exhibit there they will all be well lit.  You scratch my back?

The wet hens should be framed by tomorrow.  At which point I will be taking along the Redshanks.  For framing.  Plus I am hoping to do some more (oh not not more)  wet hens,  (small ones) which I have frames for, and that should be enough to put on a good show.  Well reasonable, okay sufficient, well, should raise a smile?


Mum said...

Love from Mum

Marinab said...

Good luck with your exhibition Jill - very pleased for you. Wish I could come and see it, but you know, it's just too cold in NE Scotland at the moment for a desert dweller ;)!

rusty duck said...

The hens and the redshanks should go down well, you have real talent Jill.

Marjorie said...

I love those chickens. You are very talented. If I could go to the art exhibit, I would buy them.

saving for travel said...


Just amazing! I love them.

You are so talented. Might have to start saving up a bit to make a purchase.

Sft x