Thursday, 17 January 2013

Here, there and everywhere.

May I introduce you to the 'garage robin.'  

Whenever either of us goes out to the garage, to the bins, to the cars, this little chappie, or possibly chapess, is under your feet.  Literally.

Note the fixed stare from those beady eyes.

He/she has us well trained as - we open the garage door, take a handful of bird seed and -serve up.

So doing I then managed to enter the car, using a kettle of hot water to release the door, and was on my way,  the road was a challenge.

So, first stop was the shop where I had finally found a bra to fit.  I bought two in all the excitement of having one that fitted, especially as it was buy one and get a second half price.  Unfortunately the second one, that I didnt try on in the shop, turned out to have one of the shoulder straps sewed on so there was no way you could untwist it.  So much for quality control.  Why is it when you return something everything becomes complicated?  My debit card went back and forth and I am now convinced my bank account has been emptied.  And I was handed a credit note for - wait for it - 25p.  I did ask if they couldnt put 25p in the Seamens Mission Collection box, but no.

Across the road to the hairdressers.  I lost the fight about the fringe, and now have one, so cannot see any more.

Then on to collect the Redshanks framed.

And the prize winning cockerel mounted.  This has to be posted, so will have to be framed (or put in the bin) by the recipient.

The framer and I then went to Dalrymple Hall to collect some spotlights for me to use up at the Lighthouse Museum for future exhibitions.

After braving a very cross caretaker for walking salt and muck (put down in the car park to stop us all sliding into injury) into his newly mopped floors, we achieved retrieval of said lights.

I dropped the framer off back at his work shop and then took the box of lights to the lighthouse museum.  By which time it was past my lunchtime, but I managed.  Fear not.

Then in the afternoon twas my Art Group.  I had decided to experiment with my Christmas Gift of Inks and Nibs.

Look closely, above the tail and above the eye, see the smudge?  This was done by one of the so called experts within the group who thumbed it in and said, 

"Oh how exciting!  Your inks dont dry immediately!  You will have fun!"  

Well, yes, I will .  How many Oyster Catchers do you know with a smudge above their tail and eye.  That nothing will now remove, or cover......

At this point I felt I had been here, there and everywhere - and it was time to go home.


Mum said...

I feel a Christmas card coming on! What a busy day you've had - take off that bra and relax now!
Love from Mum

busybusybeejay said...

What a shame about the picture and sooooo annoying.You had put all that effort in and it was looking great.What a day!

justjill said...

Oh Mum you do make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a day, Jill! I too have brazierres arriving in the post. The expensive ones I told you about, that hitch up your bust to new levels of youth and vigour (well, I can dream, can't I?) A week I've been waiting now...if the parcel doesn't arrive soon I'll be having to tuck my bust into my pants. xx

Susan T said...

Ha Ha I bought a 3 pack of bras last week, the comfy ones they advertise on the TV. I am now presenting a pair of mono boobs. I am sure that isn't the intended effect. I have some 'over my shoulder goes one care' hitch up types, but my daughter tells me it makes my boobs look like battering rams, you can't win can you.

Love the cheeky looking robin!

I hope you cope with the snow over the weekend, it is falling fast here now.

Marjorie said...

I'd be tempted to smudge the person who did it. Lovely oystercatcher though.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say how fab your pics are, and great photography of your lovely robin too! xx

Anonymous said...

wow, I hate going to the hair dressers, I cut my own, shhh, don't tell any one!!1 I'm so sorry about the smudge, no apologies from the culprit?? Having a bra fitted is a smart thing to do, to bad that one was not perfect, sounds like you have had a tiring go of things, I agree take the bra off, let the "girls out" and relax!!!

Introverted Art said...

This little guy is so cute!

justjill said...

Welcome to Busybusybeejay and Introverted Art. Shall be having a look see and a good read later.xx

BadPenny said...

A pet Robin how delightful ! Love your red shanks and what a pain about the smudge ( does the culprit read your Blog ?)