Friday, 4 January 2013

A snapshot of the year of the Dawn Patroller.

Roe Deer in the field behind our house.

Whooper Swans above the house.

Fraserburgh Harbour.

Cairnbulg Harbour, three fishermen.

Mute Swans with pink legged Goose tagging along.

Short Eared Owl.
 Great Tit



Grey Partridge.

Dawn is now coming a bit earlier as the earth tilts again, so I shall be booting him out, watch this space.


Christy said...

Just lovely to see all the wildlife.

Lil Bit British

Susan T said...

Jill what wonderful photos. It looks like you live in a wildlife park, you are so lucky to have these beautiful animals and birds close by. Top marks to the DP.

rusty duck said...

Absolutely fantastic photos. Love the swans.
The early bird catches the worm...

justjill said...

Welcome Christy!

BadPenny said...

A year of wonderful photos - more please !!!