Friday, 11 January 2013

Mainly photography.

Redshanks lining up again for the camera!

Oyster Catchers in flight.

First two pictures via the Dawn Patroller.  The above is from Graham Taylor, who has kindly allowed me to reproduce and eventually paint a picture.  I love Oyster Catchers.

Following pics from the DP.

The Sovereign, Cairnbulgs wreck.  During the Perfect Storm earlier it moved from the right of the beacon to the left.  It has also now a new claim to fame as it was used to promote the film ''Life of Pi."

Sadly, the perfect storm did more damage to the top of the boat.  Although still expected are the film buffs who apparently visit to see the original.  I should be back doing b&b again!

And a fishing boat returning to Fraserburgh Harbour, past the Golden Horn (lighthouse) which also suffered considerable damage in the perfect storm.

Last night the DP and I went to the post Christmas Fraserburgh Photographic Society evening.  Idea being you bring all the stuff you havent managed to consume at Christmas.
Well no,  all made that day, the members are in the main quite elderly and a piece of mouldy Christmas Pud might have seen quite a few off.

Our entertainment for the evening was enthralling, seriously, photographs of Fraserburgh Past.

At the end of the evening we were stacking chairs, clearing up, when a female voice over all the others shouted, 

"George! Remember Triple BYPASS!"

Followed by a smaller female voice,


I was still laughing when I got home.


Mum said...

Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

I do love those redshanks. It's their orange feet..

Four teeth out aged 12.

Marjorie said...

Love the oystercatchers. The ones I grew up with were all black. I miss them still.

Susan T said...

Fabulous photos as ever. Love the ending, it made me laugh too. Getting older can be such a levelling thing.

BadPenny said...

internets been down... try again ! I love Oyster catchers. Such an interesting post & I had a giggle at the end - when in hospital having a hystarectomy I had to stop a sweet Korean lady getting chairs out for her numerous visitors .