Saturday, 12 January 2013

Senior Moments.

This is Mrs.Maggie Strachan, Shore St. Inverallochy. Her husband James known "Breadsie" was school officer and church officer for the village. He died 1939 and Maggie took over as town crier. She charged a fee of half a crown {thats 12 and a half pence to you younger people}

(Just a quick aside here, Strachan is a common name up here in the North East of Scotland, as is Buchan et al, so all with a common surname were then given a nickname to differentiate, and make the identification much easier.  In this case 'Breadsie', no idea why, but I'm sure I could find out!)

When first seeing this photograph on the facebook page for Inverallochy/Cairnbulg, I thought it was these women backs against the wall being shouted at for some terrible misdemeanour.

Many people knock Facebook.  But through it I have made many friends with similar interests and am proud to be a member of the Inverallochy/Cairnbulg page, (our nearest villages) also Fraserburgh Photographs Past and Present.  Indeed I have been welcomed on, albeit an incomer to the area.  Indeed I have not just made friends on the internet, but physically also, now stop it, do not read anything into that!

Apart from surfing the internet I have had quite a few senior moments this week.

Phoned the hairdresser up Tuesday to check when my hair appointment was .  Having lost the card, and starting a new diary.  Thursday 10.30.  Right.  I remembered this yesterday, Friday.  Called in to grovel and change appointment.  Then on to Library.  Selected books.  Took to counter, "You do know you have had this one out before?"
No - dont remember it at all, are you sure, computer screen swung round, had it twice, never read it.....

I blame the current senior moments on this tablet thing.  I wanted to download three pictures onto it from the laptop so as to then paint said pictures.  It downloaded EVERY picture I had, including hundreds I had used on the blog, but not the three I wanted.  It has taken me 48 hours to delete all those pictures so I have some memory left!

Meanwhile I have to do a replacement painting for the exhibition.  (Yet another reason for stress = senior moments.)  Having to do is not good for painting.  Wanting to do is good.  First I pratted around.

AND THEN  I finally cracked it.  By doing what I wanted to do.

Not finished, but oh boy.  Getting there.

Now a happy senior moment.


rusty duck said...

It's funny you mentioning Facebook, as I'm toying with it at the moment. Well, sitting on the fence more like. Mostly because once I have a page I'll have absolutely no idea what to do with it!

Mum said...

What a fantastic picture. You just do what you want.
Love from Mum

justjill said...

rusty duck should you want any help let me know. If you want to message me I would not publish.

justjill said...

Thanks Mum, I appreciate your comments more than some!

BadPenny said...

I've just deleated facebook !
Your painting is superb - love it.

Marjorie said...

You may enjoy North East Fisher Folk on Facebook. It includes Fraserburgh.

Lynn said...

I absolutely love that last pic. I also especially loved the one of your daughter and grandson on the beach - did you sell that?
I do love all your pics - your bird painting is now on my inspiration board in my craft room.

justjill said...

Thanks Lynn, sadly the one of daughter and son on beach went onto wall of infamy. One I may well do again, now I am a wee bit more experienced. Daughter thought it was awful, and I have to agree, the faces..... need more practice.