Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January - what else do you expect?

Anyone else noticed when posting comments, strange sort of battery shape on top of comment space and then having to hit post comment twice before anything happens?  I have commented on quite a few blogs today without realising my comment was not being posted......

Right back to this blog.

An ice crystal sliding down the window.  How artistic is that!  (D.P.)

Now we have lots of birds in the snow.  (In fact we do - tons more when the weather is like this, feeders filled up twice a day - costing us a fortune.)

Blue tit.



Great Tit.

Coal Tit, above and below.

Polar Bear from the Dining Room.  Yes, it was, from the Dining Room tele.  (DP being daft - again). (Twas him photographing the tele.)  Mr Buchan - drool.

Doesnt the beach look weird with snow on the sand?

Meanwhile...... I watched the  snow fall yesterday, watched the birds, not the polar bears, in between painting.

The Redshanks went off for framing this morning.   I took them in to Doug Irvine the ace framer.  Whilst there I mentioned my sale of the hens and the pressure to replace them in the exhibition.  Well - that man is divine, he said, "Do you want to borrow a painting?"  and then handed me my painting of the elephants, which he had bought, and framed, to hang!  How cool is that.

Also this morning I met some of the Crafting group for coffee.

Then, back home.  A friend who breeds hens, Silver Wybars, no less has her birthday today.  So after battling with my b-i-g replacement which will mean I can safely return Mummy and baby elephant to Doug, I did this.

Just cannot get away from hens!  Or prizewinning cockerels in this case.  I hope she likes it.  

But instead of doing a greeny background I should have gone with snow..........


BadPenny said...

I posted on a Blog & it went on three times !!
Loving the birdys & loving looking at my bird table and those who visit ( trying to keep naughty Finn away )

justjill said...

I would forgive Finn anything.

Marjorie said...

Love the hen and the elephants.

rusty duck said...

If I could paint, it would probably always be geese. I just love the elegant curves.

Thanks for the offer re Facebook, I will take you up on it, once I get a chance to get started.

Susan T said...

Beautiful birdy shots as ever. We seem to have a dearth of birds in our garden, they have got less and less every year. I blame my husband undies on the line, it scares them off!

christinelaennec said...

You just have such a knack with the animals, Jill. I thought your redshanks, even in an unfinished state, was breathtaking. So did my husband, when I called him over to look at it. We both thought it was like a Japanese drawing.

And it's good to have a pal in the framing shop, it looks like! For you successful artist types. :-)

Enjoy the snow.

Mum said...

IRYPT - magic.
Love from Mum