Saturday, 26 January 2013


Like most people I became fed up of the weather.  You cant keep on blogging about it can you?  

At the beginning of the week we had second daughter for one night.  Which was nice, nice to see her I mean, not just for one night!  

Did you know I taught my children sign language?  Something for you all to consider doing.

Wednesday we did colour wheels in our art group.  My mixture of colours then went into mud.

Next week we have to use the three primary colours and paint a picture.  I am going to cheat, i.e. use the three primary colours, and not mix them!

I did my usual afternoon stint at the Lighthouse and slowly transformed into an icicle.

Thursday, yet another art group and I did another chook, practising my pen and ink, made a bit of a mess with the brush and ink.

Toing and frowing was spent in turning into an icicle and then defrosting.

Friday I finally got round to visiting Cafe Connect and exchanging the elephant painting

for the Redshanks.

I also took in some mounted paintings to put in the browser.

And was then attacked by a lady with a stick.  She demanded to buy my Robin!

I started to cheer up somewhat.  When I got home I became ecstatic as the parcel I had been waiting for all week finally arrived!

So today!  The sun shone, we didnt need the heating on, I cleaned the house to within an inch of its next emulsion job , down the shed, and painted.............

Hey Dudes.

All work in progress.  But oh what fun, no longer pensive!  Trust you are all having a great weekend.


rusty duck said...

Beware ladies with sticks. But I'd have bought the robin too.

Anonymous said...

oh such beautiful work, so much talent, beautiful photos,

Christine Laennec said...

Your paintings are completely fabulous, Jill! And hilarious about your family "sign language"!

Susan T said...

We know that sign language too!. Your art work is going from strength to strength, wonderful stuff. I wish I had a talent of some sort, it keeps you warm on winter nights doesn't it.

BadPenny said...

I got wacked by an old lady with a stick to get out of her way in a supermarket. I wouldn't have minded too much but for the fact which I exclained to a friend, " I'm nice to old people ! "

My mother uses her stich to point with now as an extention of her arm...she's going to take someone's eye out !

Your chooks have a lovely feeling of movement.

busybusybeejay said...

I love your paintings.I wish I could draw and paint.