Tuesday, 12 November 2019

The Rain it Raineth.

Also the winds blew.

The social carer who came today does not appear to have the normal aptitude for telling the time.  10 a.m. is my start up time for the head to wash, moisturise, and dress.  She is usually late.  This morning she waltzed in at 9.15 while I was still wading my way through all the medications.  I had to tell her to go.  She returned after 10.  Don't get me wrong I am very grateful for the help I receive.  But.  If the other carers manage why cannot she?

After lunch the DP and I braved the elements.  Well we got in the car.

All the photos were taken through the open car window.  Heavy rain.

The Kite Surfer made the most of the wind.

On the way home we stopped to say HI to the Gull Gang who were on the golf course!

Back home I did a bit of bird watching from the Shedudio.  No rats.  The DP had put the grain rather than a block into the bait boxes and had to refill.  The rats we have been seeing all looked to be young rats not sure if they get turfed out as the mature?  Anyway I dont want them here.  When they are visible the garden birds disappear.....

I had my foot wifie arriving at 3.45.  but due to the flooded roads everywhere she was running late but did let me know.  So all in all I have had a full body pampering.

The DP is out tonight at a Photographic competition between some local clubs.

Earlier I received a letter from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with an appointment for an Echocardiogram on my heart.  I had been told I would be having the procedure at Peterhead which is 30 minutes away not an hour as I have now got to get to Aberdeen.  Its also on a Saturday.  I rang up to check and was told the person is on long term sick at Peterhead.  So to get through everyone they were offering weekend appointments.  So I said Thankyou and I would be there.  Its at 10.40 so leaving the house wont be so drastic had it been any earlier!

Weather forecast is better for tomorrow.  So fingers crossed I get to walk.  I did do a fair bit of breathing the sea air in through the open car window. Goodnight.


crafty cat corner said...

If there's one thing I hate its bad time keeping. My Daughter is always early but my youngest son is always late. No matter what time you say you can always reckon he will be at least half an hour late.
Hope the heart thingy goes okay, I understand that lungs and heart are closely connected. Tom already had heart problems so we have double the worry.
But like you, we battle on.

Jackie said...

The gull gang looks very comfortable on the golf course.

Hope the ECG goes well.

God bless.