Thursday, 28 September 2017

When stressed make a list.

The beach today.  Warmish, not much wind.  So perfect for me to do the .59 of a mile up the Path of Doom and back.

Before I went I did a list.  Writing stuff down really helps.  Instead of it churning around in your brain and things pinging in that you havent done, all becomes calm. Honestly.  So I could then swan off and walk.

To the left of the beach by the rocks Oystercatchers.  Most having their Siesta

Something about birds legs attracts me, which is a bit worrying.  But the DP always says to me when I am asking about an id on a bird, is "What colour were its legs?"  This is a Redshank.  (Red legs ha ha.)

The list I made was all about stuff both I and the DP have to do both personally, like flu jab,  for us both, cholesterol check for him, I refuse to have any more.  The vet for the cats jabs.  Then the massive list for us both for the FASE 4 exhibition.  But seeing it in a list makes it more manageable and I have ticked about five things already. (Out of 30.....)

So.  When stressed make a list.  And watch birds. And go to the beach.  Or anywhere which is away from making lists. 


Irene Pieters said...

I do agressie with you: making a list makes everythink more manageble. It clears your mind (and I love crossing things off) then I go for a walk. And walking clears the mind too and somehow a solution for a problem presents itself out of the blue. Love your bird pictures!

Regine Karpel said...


Cathy said...

Making a list - checking it twice.
Sounds like you're preparing for something 😊
You do sound in a better frame of mind - once this next 'show' is over and done with you'll be able to live life peacefully again ~ Cathy

Chris Elliot said...

Lying in bed trying to fall asleep is my worst time for things churning around in my brain. Maybe I should keep a notepad by the bed.......?

BadPenny said...

Walking and watching nature is a stress buster for me too.

Mum said...

Flu jab was crossed off my list today and I proudly sport my 'I've been brave today' sticker.