Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Better Day.

I do not look like this - at all - and I do not smile when I am 'pumping weights'.  Apart from all that,  today I did my pulmonary physio exercises.

And walked in 20 mph wind.  I can cope with a steady wind, its when it gusts to over 30 in between that I get blown over......

Look at how the Marram Grass is bending....

The wind blowing the tops off the waves.

Halfway up the Kessock Burn.

And back again. The bit of red wood was still floating in and out.

The DP said it was an L plate from a boat!

Out at sea the Fisheries Inspection Boat.

Lowering the launch.  Which went into the harbour.  Collecting a take away?

Oil Platform Supply boat being escorted by the Pilot boat.  The Pilot steers the boat out of the harbour, then climbs down a ladder back onto the Pilot Boat.

Now something new to the Prom.

Strumming away, he very kindly agreed to me taking a photo!  He was in one of the shelters on the Prom.  No hat on the floor so it was free busking!

And the Surfers.  One who was very small .

Remember our fence.  Which replaced the Leylandii hedge which was destroyed by ?  And then the fence was destroyed?

The DP sawed off all the damaged bits, which left us with just the top horizontal.  No way am I forking out for a replacement fence. 

 Today he strung flashing solar panelled lights all along. 

Ha Haaaa.


Mum said...

Getting closer to Christmas now.

Mum said...

PS if you want some hollyhock seeds just email me your address and you too can have 12 foot monsters growing in your garden.