Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday and witterings.

I do read all the frugal life blogs, well ,not all as some get me rather annoyed.  The DP and I have lived a frugal life from necessity for the 37 years + we have been together.  The habits learnt then remain.  We do not have to be so frugal anymore as we retired both with local government pensions we had paid into and the state pensions we had also paid into. But we still are frugal.

 For the first time in our lives we can afford to have things like the garage roof, which despite our best efforts still leaks big time,  replaced.  It is asbestos and will still be down to us to take the removed asbestos to the tip as it would have added an extortionate amount to our bill for the roofers to take it to the tip, they have to pay to tip, we do not.   So that is next.

We just had our oil central heating boiler serviced.  It was an emergency as fumes were coming out of it and threatening my health.  You cannot get a plumber for anything but an emergency as they are so busy.  Waiting on the bill.  Which may increase as..
Tonight I realised that despite the heating and hot water not being on there was the sound of the hot water boiling from upstairs where the water tank is.  I ran the hot water taps, which gave out boiling hot water,  but the noise continued.  Then I found another on/off switch beneath the central heating controls and turned it off and the noise stopped.  (Should point out that the DP is out at his Photography Society evening).  I havent the faintest idea whether I have done right or wrong but all is quiet.  Hey ho. 

So today.  Meeting of the FASE 4 committee.  I think we are all heading for the strait jackets.  

Our Community Challenge was to put a picture on a pennant "My Town."  The pennants have been given out to schools, community groups et al.  With great success.  As they come back in we are not sure where the heck we are going to hang them all!

I, as secretary, have sent out entry forms to all the artists I know and so many are going to exhibit, again we are panicking about the space so to do.  But this is all good isnt it!  

I have to choose my exhibits.  Nothing is allowed that has been exhibited before, there are some who churn out the same every year.....So I did a bit of a survey on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.  And these came up with more likes.

So they are in for the exhibition.



Sue in Suffolk said...

Hadn't seen that top painting before, it's brilliant.
So different to all your bird pics ( They are brilliant too!)

Chris Elliot said...

I would definitely have voted for the scene through the open door!

Lanniesmum said...

I love the pink mixed media picture-it's my favourite! Catriona

Beacee said...

Jill, you may want to look at the following regarding asbestos -

Best wishes,