Saturday, 16 September 2017

One more day of NEOS.

This morning I managed to wash my hair and the rest and get in the car and drive to the Prom.  Before lunch time.  Quite an achievement.  Having gone more than a week without driving was weird.  And not seeing the sea.   I was on withdrawal symptoms big time.

I sat in the car.  The odd walker was obviously fighting the wind as they went past me.  So no way was I getting out.  7 stone and 4 feet 10 ?  I would have been blown a few miles .  Just to commune quietly and look at the sea was enough for me.

Then it was back to the current day job.

These two delightful young artists (and their Mum who also had a go,) really enjoyed experimenting with Brusho.  You sprinkle it on and then wet it and - wow.  The colour explodes.

And look behind them.  The shedudio door is open.  No wind, no rain.  Wowee.

I also had a visit from a photographer who has kindly agreed for me to do a painting from his photograph of 2 Razorbills.  Obviously checking out how I was going to wreck it or otherwise.

Just wait and see.....But he was impressed with what he could see....

After that it was 4.45p.m. I close the shedudio at 5 so I tootled off up to the house and 

And someone walked past the front of the house so I had to charge off with the chariot and be all smiley and welcoming again.  Finally locked the door at 5.20.p.m.  The first glass went down quickly.

One more day to go.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I would love to be able to see the sea and breath the salty air! Lucky you :) Your week seems to have got a lot busier as it has gone along, love the photo of the razorbills, looking forward to seeing the finished painting x

BadPenny said...

It looks like the children were having a lot of fun. Take care in those winds, we don't want you flying away x