Thursday, 14 September 2017

NEOS Day 6.

Well I had a few visitors.  Enough to not let me take photos of the paintings I was doing in between visitors!

This lady came to visit.

A fellow NEOS exhibitor, as a potter.  I kept thinking I know this woman from somewhere.  Sith cat was tootling down from the house and I warned this lady and my other visitor at the time and asked if they were bothered about cats.  No they both said and this lady went to open the door for Sith cat.  Well, Sith poked his nose in and then backed off, most unusual, and then went back to the house....  What?  Most unusual.

It subsequently turned out that this lady was one of the vets where we go.  And therefore one presumes Sith recognised her and was no way coming in to the shedudio with her there!!

Anyway she had great fun creating some art.  

Some answers to questions.  We have had tourists visiting. In fact September is the time for the silver tourists to visit.  Schools back etc.  But they have struggled to find me with the lack of signage.  

The NEOS hierarchy telling me to take the signs down.... Has not helped.  

My visitors recently have told me about the plethora of signs on junctions which I was told was a no no. Hmmm.  I was the idiot who posted on facebook the pictures of my signs which NEOS had asked us to do.  And then told me to take them all down.

Mouse painting - funnily enough I have started a mouse painting.  Harvest mouse.  Quite happy to post to abroad.  Mounted but not framed as that involves glass.  But not sure about how payment would proceed?  Will think about it.  Once NEOS is over I am going to concentrate a bit more on my Buchan Birds and Beasts facebook page shop and how to do the transfer of money.  So watch this space.

Ah well three more days to go.  Weather still windy and wet so I do not feel too bad at not being able to walk the prom.  But I miss it terribly.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Sounds like NEOS' left hand doesn't know what the right is doing! I get commissions and receive payment via the net. I get paid by BACs and only post once payment is received. My quote always includes postage. If your art can be rolled up, a card tube is the safest/strongest way to post but you can also get document envelopes with a hard card support. Hope that helps x

The Weaver of Grass said...

One of the advantages of having my dog is that I have to walk, whatever the weather.