Wednesday, 13 September 2017

North East Open Studios Day 5.

My fellow artists opening their own working studios are all in agreement.  This NEOS has been - well - not very good.  

The punters/visitors are obviously preferring visiting where there are a horde of artists all in one place.  

However, this bodes well for FASE our open exhibition at the end of October.  Which will be in Dalrymple Hall, arts centre in Fraserburgh.  So once NEOS is over I will be rounding up all the artists to exhibit there.

Sith cat waiting patiently for the visitors to arrive..

Perhaps I should just open a cafe.

But Sith was happy.

These ladies are all friends.  So I do not think there was one painting looked at.  But we all had a laugh.  Which is what friends are for after all.

Earlier I had three other visitors.  Sold one mug.  And the gentleman who called in is bringing his daughter/daughter in law ?  to view as he reckoned "It was just up her street."

Appreciation of my work is quite sufficient to put me on cloud 9.

Then after our dinner I was ramping up the sound on the 2 Cellos when lo and behold....

Right outside the dining room patio doors.  Cloud 10 I think.


Hopefully more visitors tomorrow.  Both Sith and I live in hope.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I wonder if the less than ideal weather hasn't helped either :( Good for friends and for friendly cats :)

Chris Elliot said...

What is that bird? Some type of raptor I think.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Fantastic hawk of some kind (sparrowhawk?)I love the way it has one claw up - dancing to the cellos?

Sue in Suffolk said...

How unusual to see a sparrowhawk sitting still - and brilliant to get a photo - I'd be pretty chuffed with that happening too.
It's a pity the sales are not going well - is it too late in the season for holiday visitors?