Friday, 1 September 2017

Ups and downs

A lovely walk today on the Prom.

I watched this boat leave the harbour.

And then return.  No idea.

The beach today.

With the Gull Gang.

It was one of the few days I didnt wear a coat.  And did the .59.

Bit of a disaster earlier.  The DP went to empty the dishwasher and discovered dirty dishes.  So he switched it back on.  It set off and then switched itself off, then on and then off.  Tried another programme - ditto.  So I phoned the insurance company.  "You are in a queue."  So then went on to the internet and booked an engineer for Tuesday.  I was promised an email confirming this which I havent had....  The DP went off to purchase washing up liquid and aids to hand wash.  The woman at the checkout advised microwave meals then you just throw everything.  Well we are not really into that.  And Friday night is joint night.  Roast Pork and crackling.  Which is a rarity in NE Scotland.  Butchers here it is there one failure, they just dont understand crackling, but this was a hit tonight.  There then followed a lot of banging and crashing as the washing up was done.

Now the success of the day.  My lovely friend and picture framer has come up trumps framing my mixed media experiments.  Feathers, Oats, Wheat have been framed superbly.  Forgive the fact these photos are not as good as the real thing as the pictures now have glass over them which does not photograph well.

Well pleased.  


Cheryl Gardiner said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.Dishwashers are a pain when tbey aren't working.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Never had a dishwasher except Col!

Love you new work, the frames really work with them