Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Who is reading your blog?

You just never know do you?

Some weeks back I was contacted by a researcher from the......

Who told me they had been reading my blog and really liked it.  Could they speak to me on the telephone?  As I had just realised I had yet another chest infection I asked for them to leave it a week.  Ha ha.  Four weeks later I realise I am not about to die, not just yet, but in betweenst I manage to speak to another researcher and found myself agreeing to be interviewed.  

A documentary is being made about the Independence vote in Scotland.  As someone passionate about the North East and an incomer to boot I am an 'angle' . Well there you go.

The lead person, presenter or whatever they are really called is that intrepid rambler, among many other achievements, finalist in Celebrity Master Chef, a Loose Woman, ex editor of the Independent , etc. etc. Janet Street Porter, who is tramping Scotland and finding out what the ordinary people think about Scottish Independence.

So today I tootled off to the Lighthouse Museum and met the team.  Naturellement the Lighthouse Museum was my idea, what better place to a) get some publicity, and b) how photogenic!

 So here we have, two camera persons, one I think was also a director, a sound man, a researcher and an assistant researcher, who also looked after JSPs handbag.  NO make up person, I fully expected the works, a make over, apparently Oil of Olay my usual wrinkle filler was fine...  

Now the sound man.. You have this thing you drop down your cleavage, the top bit is stuck inside the top of your frock or whatever and the bottom is stuck into a square effort which is latched onto your rear waist band.  At one point I had to go to the loo and the sound man was very concerned I would drop the square effort in the loo.  I assured him I wouldn't and then got very worried he had the sound on, he assured me he hadn't.

After a lot of sound checks, light checks, researchers pretending to be me and JSP we were finally off. 

When asked a question, none of which I was expecting, there was no rehearsal, I have a tendency to look above, away from the questioner, this indicates I am thinking....They didnt like that, I had to look at Janet.  Then she was told she hadnt asked enough questions so we had to do it again anyway.  But we got there in the end.

I have to say that having met and talked, not just in the interview , to Janet Street Porter that I really liked her.  She is what you see.  And she is really pretty..... huh.  She is sitting down in the photo as she actually is about twice my height.

So there you go.  The documentary should be out at the end of May and may be throughout the UK, not just Scotland.  I will let you know.

So! Who  is reading your blog?



Anonymous said...

How cool! Do please let us all know when it's going to be on. I bet JSP loved you.

Funnily enough, I recently did an interview with a journalist interested in a woman who had inherited diaries - she found me through my blog.

The world is a strange and wonderful place, isn't it?!

rusty duck said...

Cor! I know someone famous.....!!
I do hope they show it south of the border. The sound on in the loo would have worried me too.

Marjorie said...

Well done. Wish I could see the interview but unlikely it will be aired in Canada. I am glad you were well enough to do it.

BadPenny said...

You STAR !!! I want to see that
( husband is a Scot - not in favour of independence )
I really like JSP & I bet she liked your wicked sense of humour !

Lynn said...

Only just read this as Internet has been off for nearly a week - well done.