Thursday, 24 April 2014

It's getting serious.

This afternoon we had an appointment with the chap who was to take photographs of the house for its House for Sale schedule.  The DP made the appointment.  

(I would have made it for next week to give me a chance/time to do the major declutter.) 

 So I was up at 5.30a.m. to do my bit. 
( I had my Art Group yesterday morning and am still collapsing in an afternoon.)

At 10 I had to be at a board meeting at the Lighthouse Museum.  Hence my early start.        I did quite a bit, including the bathroom cleaned.

 I gave the DP a list of what was to do, as I shot off.  He was not happy to remove things aka House Doctoring and said, "They are buying a dream."  

Well, yes, but not ours.

The Kitchen with window sill almost denuded of mass of orchids, only three flowering at the moment.

Dining room, still looking like a Doctor Who scene - but they are 'buying a dream'. (Psychedelic Nightmare.)

Sitting room.  The above photographs are from the DP.  The Photographer, who had a much larger lens than the DP, went into each room and CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND HIM ?  Also moved stuff around, which I had said to do should he wish.  He moved the chair in the sitting room where I always wanted it!  But the DP doesnt.  (Its his chair.)

Tomorrow morning we have our first viewing of our list of potential future homes.  The second is Monday.  The owner of the one on Monday works 'off shore' as many do round here. (Oil industry.)  So our viewing is by the handyman of the solicitor. I am sure he will know all about the house.......At least he can turn the key.

Serious stuff going on around us is birth.  Fortunately I am past all that.

Feathers and furry beasts increasing all around us.

Serious stuff but very pleasing.

Now let us go back a bit.  Remember I was up at 5.30a.m. to do my bit.  Well one of my bits is the bathroom I use.  The DP has the shower room upstairs.  So I cleaned the bathroom to within and inch of its life.  It gleamed.

On my return from the board meeting the photographer followed me in so I did not visit the bathroom.  When he had gone I did visit the bathroom.  Immediately I saw the bath.

"Why would the photographer stand in the bath?"  I asked the DP.

"Oh, that would be me.  I was polishing the shiny bits."

Definitely getting serious here.


Anonymous said...

beautiful home! Serious stuff for sure, love the photos,

Marjorie said...

Good luck with the house sale. I would happily live there. In Canada, they do not want the owners in the homes when they show them to buyers.

rusty duck said...

Yes, good luck.
And I love those geese. :)

BadPenny said...

You are funny Jill. Good luck - it all looks superb xx
aww the lamb !