Thursday, 27 March 2014

No-one and nothing is indispensible

Daughter and granddaughter now gone home.  But whilst here they helped sort through all the toys that live in the garage for more than 11 months a year.  Decisions were made to drastically reduce.  After all when grandchildren come visiting they are oot and aboot climbing lighthouses, playing in parks and running along beaches, so a tad silly really to have 3 large boxes of stuff that rarely see the light of day.  Plus sit and ride thing, kitchen with sink,cooker and washing machine,depending on which side you go in.  Always worried me did that.  I had visions of some helpful child shoving washing into the  real  oven and the roasting tin into the real washing machine...

And watching Neve help sort I remembered that the favourite toy was always a box of some sort.

Daughter and Granddaughter were quite ruthless.  All I was left with was the car which I wouldn't dare get rid of, though there may be some sharing lessons coming up......

As daughter pointed out I provide craft and art activities out of virtually nothing which is far more fun.

The two girls spent a happy time going through the box of photgraphs and albums I had created,  Identifying Mums and Aunties and Grandmas and Granddads looking very strange.

Grandma was once a baby!!

The toys are now all packaged up and are being collected at the weekend to go to the charity shop for the New Arc near Ellon, which rescues animals and birds.  We had a duck from them some years back.  Plus bags of games, I never did like Monopoly. Have kept Scrabble, Boggle and Articulate.  Jigsaw puzzles are going, we have loads, tho we have had to do them all to make sure they are complete.  Not me, the Dawn Patroller is wading his way through them.  

The DP has been magnificent. He is washing stuff, drying stuff, cleaning stuff, cooking stuff, tho I aint eating much of it, and shouts at me if I head in any direction other than the bathroom.  

On Thursday, hey up that's just yesterday, it was realised I was deteriorating agin.  Doctor out.  The neighbours probably think I have a toy boy by now.  The chest infection has gorn from where it was but has now reared up in the pleural cavity.  Now taking one antibiotic bomb a day plus strong pain killers. Pleurisy hurts.

So I am looking at my diary.  I contact all by email and find everything I had to do has been sorted.

I am dispensed with.


BadPenny said...

oh pleurisy is awful. Poor you.
A good sort is theraputic but sounds like you have been doing too much.
Get well soon xx

Lynn said...

Having known you for yonks I can honestly say that there is no way you can ever be dispensed with. So I hope you said this in jest - if not it must be the pills talking :)
I think that you have set up systems & just inspired folks to get organised when you are not around.
Lovely pics.
Chin up and keep taking the red med.

Marjorie said...

GEntle hugs and wishing you better health quickly. More hugs.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I hope you're feeling better. It may be the case that none of us is indispensable in the sense that others can fill in for us - but equally none of us is replaceable! Especially you!