Sunday, 20 April 2014


Today I commenced on sorting out the shedudio..  Now I know many of you in blogland have been scurrying around spring cleaning, decluttering and sorting like the busy people you are.  But for me, for some time now, it has been an effort to even get down to the shed.

This morning was DIFFERENT.  I  woke up and felt really, really strange.  I felt like ME again.  So I got stuck in.

Hmm. That lot can wait.

Tidied the trolley.

Then things went a little pear shaped.  I ended up with more mess than I started with.  But fear not, all those piles, bags and well more bags have got sorted things in them.  Honest.

Cleaned and sorted the sink area.  Can finally see ''Aphrodite at the Waters Edge'.  She is an indoor water feature.  Which I never use.

 So all I need now is a bit more puff to move the bags to where they can be taken off and recycled.  Maybe tomorrow.  

What made this miraculous recovery even more jaw dropping was that we have just had family visit for four days.  Lovely to see them.  But I have had my fill of 5a.m. starts followed by CBeebies.

 I do not encourage eating of chocolate, unless it is me eating it, so I bought Lego for the 5 year old.  Pleasing to see I could still find the relevant bits.

The 2 year old with Duplo.

Both enjoyed the Kids Activities at the Lighthouse Museum.

But lunch still involved a screen......

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

Oh, forgot, house received very satisfactory Home Report.  Now house hunting. Post to follow.


Anonymous said...

we do not really celebrate Easter in the going to church way but we do have Easter dinner,we celebrate spring, and I loved when you said you do n ot encourage the eating the chocolate unless its you eating it, oh my gosh that is so funny!! I have been down with damaged lungs and dinner is a hit and miss affair today, so how ever you spend your day best wishes to you,

rusty duck said...

Wonderful news Jill. Don't overdo it... as you say, maybe tomorrow.

Laura Amy said...

Must say I don't know very many people who would spend their first good-feeling day tidying up! Most impressive.

I hope you've had a very happy Easter. I spent my Easter afternoon sampling cake and coffee at your much-blogged-about lighthouse. Yum! :)

Take care xo

Terra said...

Good work in entertaining your children visitors, and in de-cluttering your shedudio. Thank you for the Easter good wishes.