Monday, 21 April 2014

News travels fast.

As in Jill is better.  (I seem to remember saying to myself that I would not do as much as I had been doing......)  So this morning I found myself at a meeting of the three Fraserburgh Art Groups and the Fraserburgh Photographic Society to discuss our joint exhibition in June.  

If I heard "And now Jill is better she can do....."  well, I lost count.  I appear to be responsible for setting up Facebook page and event, all advertising in any media, arranging kids art activities over two days and informing every school in the town and surrounding areas.  

What is that word that starts in N and finishes with O?

Now the DP is no longer looking after me and has recovered from his own sniffles he is back on the Dawn Patrol.

A Roe Buck.  Early morning is the best time to see deer and late evening, they hide the rest of the day.

Presumably so they are not being seen doing silly things.  So silly the DP couldnt focus.

The difficulty in focussing on this is down to the zizz of the bird.  Long Tail Tit not being still.

Or could be waving?

Now I need some help.  Laurie M are you there?  Since being ill and not doing much in the drawing and painting I seem to have hit a black hole.
Confidence in actually putting pencil to paper and heaven forfend a paint brush has totally disappeared.  I have commissions lined up, exhibitions lined up with not a shred of feeling I can do this.  I look around at what I have done and its as if its nothing to do with me, I couldnt have done that,  could I?  I am back at my weekly art group and when there I mess about and excuse my lack of doing anything on 'chatting too much' but, oh dear, I am scared.

News travels a lot faster than my paintbrush.



BadPenny said...

You probably feel a bit flat. I do after a very busy day & it takes a day to catch up.
don't rush in to do too much " Now you are better " ... stay better !

Anonymous said...

Jill, I'm so glad you're better. But please don't rush things, including inspiration! Maybe you need to just sit and think a while longer, instead of being up and doing?

Marjorie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Hope your painting mojo returns to you soon. It will. Hugs.