Saturday, 26 April 2014


What a day weather wise!  As I was performing my morning ablutions there were loud bangs and rumblings.  Concerned about central heating and plumbing, the house ones not mine, I staggered through to the kitchen.  I then saw out of the window flashes of lightning and the rumblings and bangs were explained.  This on a day that was grey and very misty.  So, rather strange to be in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Some time ago I had agreed to have a stall to raise money for Pitsligo Castle.

Rosehearty (Scottish Gaelic: Ros Abhartaich) is a settlement on the Moray Firth coast, four miles west of the town Fraserburgh, in the historical county of Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
The burgh has a population of approximately 1,300 with about 25 per cent of pensionable age. There is one shop, a butcher, a hairdresser and three hotels in the village.
The settlement which is now Rosehearty was founded by a group of shipwrecked Danes in the 14th century[citation needed]. In 1424 the Fraser family built Pitsligo Castle a few hundred yards inland; the castle was enlarged by the Forbes family in 1570. The remains of the Castle are visible from Rosehearty.
Rosehearty didn't officially exist until it was granted a charter in the 1680s by King Charles II.


 Pitsligo Castle as you can see is a ruin.  But one still worth halting the ruin.

So The Friends of Pitsligo Castle was formed and it was they who were on a fund raising two days which was to be just up the road in Peathill Church.

Peathill is now decomissioned as a place of worship but apart from that it is still a kirk.  Pews, pulpit and the unique Pitsligo Pew.

I assume that is where the Laird sat.

Lots of history round this and the Kirk which I may tell you about one day.  But for today I was there to sell pictures.  11 til 4.

My stall.  

  Interior of the church.

A pleasant surprise was that the other stall holders were my friends.

The other surprise was there was no heating, no refreshments and NO LOOS.

At one point I went out, into the car, heater on full blast and found the public loo in Rosehearty.

Sadly by 1.30 I could take no more  I was frozen solid.  But I am back tomorrow...... with friends.



Terra said...

I love that you are raising money to restore the castle that is in dire need. Even in the face of no loos, no heat. You are a pioneer.

BadPenny said...

I went to bundle "What's on" Leaflets on Friday and was happy to find half a dozen familiar faces also there. A happy hour well spent.
We had coffee & biccies - sorry you were cold & loo less xx