Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Gas Man/Plumber Cometh - with apologies to Flanders and Swann

In our case it was THE PLUMBER.  After two years of topping the boiler up with water to maintain pressure and have heat from the radiators, and the list of plumbers who never turned up or did and then went away never to return, we finally got one.

Who found the leak.  Or thought he had.  And then disappeared.  Head in hands, gnashing of teeth.  But he came back!

I had to vacate the premises owing to dust from floors being removed.  Apparently at one point the plumber disappeared under the floor.  Bit like the cat did after his first visit when he left us with a cat size hole. 

 I had a pleasant few hours.  Told to wait ten minutes to buy a bottle of wine as it wasnt ten a.m. yet.  So I went for another trawl round the supermarket, fatal, 

I got a full set of windscreen wipers fitted.   I can now go out when its raining.

And had lunch at the lighthouse museum.  Doing trustee business.  But still had to pay for me lunch.  AND did half hour stand in in the shop and front desk for staff training to be done.

So far quite an expensive day.

After a suitable interval I returned.  The pipes had not gone the way the plumber thought they should.   So a bit more floor had to come up.  So I escaped down the shedudio and bit my nails to the quick.

Now our floor is quite expensive, top of the range laminate flooring, not your B&Q stuff.  It was also discontinued.....  I went to check the house insurance.

This was the culprit.  The right hand nut was the wrong size for what it was fastening on to so water was pumping out, and had been for some very long time.

Once replaced everything went back.  The floor, you cannot tell its been up.  What a relief.

Now with a clear conscience we can put the house on the market.  We need to as after today we need the money.

So I leave you with this.  Many of you will be too young to remember.  I hope you all enjoy.  And empathise.


Anonymous said...

oh that was good!!!

justjill said...

Hope you are not experiencing same in
your move.x

BadPenny said...

Fun song but in reality... so much wrong with our house.
Glad you are feeling better & love the new striped top x