Monday, 17 June 2013

June is bursting out all over....

You can say that again. And again.  I have never had so many spikes on the Rogersii.

New trellis up for the burgeoning Clematis.

And the other Clematis, alongside which is the second Rogersii, also throwing up more spikes.

I planted 150 Allium bulbs.  No way have I got 150 Alliums come up!  Not even a quarter of them, ah well, they have made up for my disappointment.  I do have a sample of each one, but not all out yet.

A lovely sheltered sun trap.  I only discovered this while staggering, to the left of the lilac tree, to the compost bin heaving a trug full of weeds.
I thought, "Hey up, this is a lovely, sheltered sun trap."  So dragged a few chairs across.
But didnt dare sit on them as I would never have got up again.

I do think that it must be down to the funny weather we have had that everything is flowering like mad.  

"This could be the last time we blossom!"

Just all of a sudden there's flowers everywhere you look.

Sadly the DP went a bit mad with the weather being warm, sunny, windless and now been diagnosed with sciatica and loaded up with pills.  Having read the blurb that comes with pills these days, too much information......  I shall be surprised if he survives.

Howsomever, he was told today, best cure is to walk.  So no excuse tomorrow when I kick him out of bed.

It was his excuse to justify the boat trip he went on at the weekend.  Our insurance man just got himself a new Rib, No his name is not Adam, tis a boat.  That goes very, very fast.  And no doubt where our insurance money went.

By the time you have all the safety gear, inflating body suits, life saver efforts you couldnt walk very far anyway.

So off they bounced.  These Ribs dont sail smoothly across the briny, they bounce. Very fast.  Up the coast to Pennan.  Made famous in the filum, "Local Hero".  

Once the boat stopped bouncing the cameras were released from their waterproof safe.

The real reason for the jaunt.  Taking photographs.  Guillemot.


My favourite, above, Gannet.

Do you think I should be seeking therapy?  I cannot stop drawing and painting Gannets.  OCG.

Nearly finished.


Laurie said...

please don't stop!!!!
I just love reading your posts and to see your art!

Susan T said...

Fabulous photos as ever Jill. I love your little spot in the garden. I could kick myself for not planting alliums this year, wherever I look, some garden has them and I am green with envy (no pun intended) Thank you so much for the comment on my recent blog post, it means a lot.

BadPenny said...

We had a Rib once - the kids loved it & my back didn't. A friend's husband put his back out by sneezing !

A wonderful photo opportunity for the DP.

Love your sunny spot - go on - sit in it with a glass of red !

Lynn said...

I have had only a fraction of alliums come up too. I think mine were lost to the squirrel who also dug up a lot of tulips. I scattered the ground with curry powder which has worked in the past but this one obviously likes tulip and allium balti :)

rusty duck said...

If I had your skill Jill, painting gannets would be therapy.
Love the puffin too.

Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely little spot of the world you live in. Loved seeing the Viking wedding pictures! Have a beautiful week.

Mrs. Mac .. for the North Woods of Idaho, USA

justjill said...

Welcome Mrs Mac!