Friday, 21 June 2013

Weddings. Viking and otherwise.

Today was the day chosen by our friends to hold their Viking themed wedding.  

The Hall was built by the groom with help from friends, created from pallets.  The building, the tables, the whole structure, from pallets.  

Dressed and draped with hessian and other bits, all from recycled stuff, the shields, seating straw bales.

The cake from Jammy Dodgers,  Cadbury fingers etc.

Valhalla for me!  

We all had to walk down to the beach, sand dunes making a wonderful ampitheatre.  The men went first.  
Not sure what they got up to. 

I was with the women, and the DP was the official Viking photographer attached to the bride.  So we have all to wait for proper pics of the day, as these are mine.  

So not that good.  Like these are the backs of the 'bridesmaids'.  As by the time I had got down to the beach I was not breathing and collapsed next to a lovely Jack Russell who did his damndest to resuscitate me.

The gathered Vikings.

This was my first Humanist Wedding and I must say it knocks mine into a cocked hat.  I felt like doing it all again.  

Next we have the DP who really was most active to say he has sciatica and a limp and living on pain killers.

And at last the Bride and Groom.  He has spent a year growing his hair and beard.  Having armour made, she of course spent an hour on the sewing machine and sorted it, as we women do.  She also beat him at sword fighting which they did later.......

and one small boy shouted out, "What is this game about?"  Obviously never let loose with a sword before, tho he was doing a good job of beheading an even smaller cousin later.

And here is me.  Looking totally ridiculous.  Just in case you have to dress up as a not very convincing Viking... leather head band, chopped up belt.  Black tunic - t shirt.  Sheepskin gilet, now unwearable as I removed all zips, black leggings, and furry boots with straps, oh and blanket, used after cat removed from, as a cloak.  

Everyone went back to the Viking Hall and started on the booze and made vast inroads into the bread, meats, cheese, dips with crudites, etc.  At this point the DP and I made our exit.  Although looking at the pig roasting away it was with some regret.

But we had our own wedding day to celebrate.

From the windows of the restaurant where we celebrated our wedding anniversary on the longest day this was the end of a perfect day.

A cloud with a silver lining.

Land of the Big Sky.  I love it.


BadPenny said...

The last two photos are beautiful.

What a day ! Loved seeing the pictures of the festivities & the pallet barn is a masterpiece.

Did you get changed for your own celebration ? Happy anniversary x

rusty duck said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary - was thinking of you :)

justjill said...

Yes I put a dress on, first time I showed my legs in years.

christinelaennec said...

Wow, people are incredible! Not only that woman with the catless blanket around her and the dog licking her face to resuscitate her, but this entire thing. I love the hall made of pallets, and the cake. Such a sense of fun.

A very happy anniversary to you and the DP. Your sea photos are lovely.

Mum said...

Oh, oh, oh, romance is alive and well in the Land of the Big Sky. What a memorable day for all.
Love from Mum