Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blooming 'eck.

Only if you come from the North of England will you understand the title.

Its a polite way of saying Bl**** H***.

I took about twice as much of the above bloomings into our Wednesday Morning Art Group.  

Lilac, Cow Parsley, Poppies, Paeonies, Laburnam, Aquilegia,  (all in a plastic bucket, that once contained fat  balls to feed the birds on. ) 

The other half disappeared with the artists.  I like to share my garden and not being quite ready for the Open Gardens Scheme wherein you welcome in anybody and everybody to tea and cakes as well, and they all oooh and aaah over your wonderful garden (ignoring the wasteland of failed wild meadows) and purchase your seedlings and plantlets, I just go in there and cut everything that is blooming and take it in for anyone to draw, paint, pastel,  gouache or whatever.  Because this week our challenge was THINKING.  We had to look, think, a lot before putting pen, or brush to paper.

I had a go at the Lilacs.  Now on the wall of infamy, totally out of my comfort zone, I really need a nose, two eyes and feathers or fur to be inspired.  Not petals sadly.  I know my limits.  So why didnt I take in a stuffed animal or bird? (Because I havent got one.)

My limits have been drastically reduced.  I had my eyes tested and - as if I didnt know - was told my eye sight had gone totally haywire.  Some sort of fight between long sight, short sight, beginnings of cataracts (arent they waterfalls?) So I needed new glasses.  Appointment made for collecting of new glasses.  She should have gone to Specsavers.  Well I DID.  Given glasses, tested short sight , tick, tested long sight, tick.  Then I asked, "So where are the proper glasses?" as we were doing all this testing with the new sunglasses.

They havent arrived yet.  Oh boy, so now it has to be sunny - otherwise I can see nothing.

Blooming 'eck.


Lynn said...

Love the hair :)

♥ Tina said...

I wouldn't worry too much about getting the other glasses, you look too cool in those ones! Have you had your hair cut since I saw you? Woo, you're looking very summery! xx

BadPenny said...

You look as though you should be in the South of France with that look- love your hair !

Beautiful blooms too !

Mum said...

Who's the cool dude?
Love from Mum

christinelaennec said...

Your comment about cataracts made me laugh out loud! Nevermind about not wanting to paint blooms. It's been done before.