Sunday, 23 June 2013

Down to earth.

After Friday's very full on, almost back to normal here.  Despite copious amounts of the red stuff no ill effects.  Possibly longer in bed.....  So it was off to Peterhead for my proper glasses, yesterday.  They do not look much different to the last ones, but oh boy, I can seeeeeeeeee.  I no longer have to wait for the horses in the field across to move so that I can distinguish between them and a tree, which of course doesnt move unless you have had way too much of the red stuff.

Sadly the DP overdid it at the Viking Wedding,  I mean some of us will already know that walking through Sand Dunes is not easy even when you are fully fit, so he is suffering today.  So Saturday was a day of rest for him.  

Looking through the photographs.  Both of us realising we were quite pleased we left when we did as events apparently took a silly turn.  These were sent to us by a friend.

Thank goodness we left before the talent competition.

Although we did see this.

Our friends who sent the photos by the boat - also made from pallets.  

We await the pictures of it on fire.

Which brings us to Sunday.  The DP managed to disappear on a photographic jaunt with friend, leg made miraculous recovery.

So that left me in the shedudio.  Along with Minerva McGonagall.

The statue we can see through the door is Flora.  Flora lost her head in the removal and has at last got it back in its rightful place.

I was playing about with charcoal while waiting for the paint to dry on the latest hen/cockerel effort.

Quail, above and Fish below.

Now its evening.

Hope we all have a pleasant one.


Laurie said...

aw you had a great time, I'm so glad Flora found her head too! What a great life you lead,

Terra said...

Your cat is pretty and looks entranced by the fire, and the celebration looks like it was fun. It is hard to walk in sand dunes, I did that yesterday.

BadPenny said...

Shedudio is such a good name ! What a wonderful weekend you had x