Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage.

A view you do not often see.  This is the 'back door/gate' of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

We have workmen in at the moment from Historic Scotland, hence the open gate, and parked lorry.

The Keepers Cottages face you, the one on the left is the Second Keeper's Cottage.

Here is the door.

Since the Keepers were no longer required, following the electrification of the Lighthouse, and it now being replaced and becoming a Museum, this cottage has been used as a store room for stationery.  Though only bits and pieces left now.

The interior.

Through the shutters is a view of the sea.

Awful built in wardrobes/cupboards, behind which could be some original wallpaper.

Bedroom fireplace.

Cast iron bath.

In one of the other store rooms is.....

Now just guess what my next plan is.


Mum said...

Re furbish the cottages? What a great idea.
Love from Mum

Terra said...

Intriguing glimpse behind the scenes.

rusty duck said...

Holiday cottage. No... Art Gallery?

justjill said...

Mum got it right!

Anonymous said...

It'll be fab! :)

BadPenny said...

What an interesting building. Oh you must - I can see it all now !

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. That furniture is beautiful. Can you do a self-catering thing with them, or extend the museum into them?