Friday, 7 June 2013

From Dawn til Dusk?

It is 17 minutes past 9 p.m. the sun is still shining.  Here in the North East of Scotland the earth has tilted, heading for the 21st June, Mid summers day when it will not get dark at all.  (That was fine the year we got married, much younger and fitter, we celebrated !)

So how do the animals and birds cope with that?

(Both the Badger and the Gannet were photos taken by friends of the DP, not his, he is still having hissy fits re these.)

And the Puffin was taken by the DP, but off the tele.

The following are by the Dawn Patroller, all his own.

Could be a wild cat.  Well it wasnt very pleased with the DP snapping it, and kept moving away......

But, seriously, how do they cope with there being no night time?

I find it very difficult, despite having lived here for 13 years.  Now have black out lined curtains.  But the cats scramble up onto the window sill and move them,  so dawn/sun streaming in at whateveroclock is like a very loud alarm clock.  Some mornings one goes into automatic mode and has the coffee and the slice of toast before looking at the clock and realising its 4 a.m.  Then you wonder why you are ready for bed just as the Channel Four News is starting.

Mindst you the light is brilliant for painting.
The pictures that are provided, from whichever source are exciting.  

Specially when its a Gannet!

Lots more in the pipeline, the light from dawn til dusk has been amazing, I have Sheep, I have, oh yes, another Gannet rising up from the sea....and more.... so more daylight hours, more paintings! Yay.


Laurie said...

beautiful post and beautiful art and photos!

BadPenny said...

That Wild cat looks like Finn !

My cats move the blinds too & I get a blast of sunlight as they hop inside.

christinelaennec said...

Enjoy all this fantastic light while it lasts! The photos and art are amazing. The wildcat is really something.

Mum said...

Love from Mum