Friday, 20 November 2020

Wind and Rain. Huh.

Not a happy person.  Second day without a walk on the Prom.

Carer in the morning.  

All the above taken by the DP with my camera.  Boats and Surfers.  Kids had an occasional day, inset day,  so were down too.

Then by me.  Again did not leave the car.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Battling on with the Christmas Card production.

Still having this feeling of very hot,  but temperature is normal.  I did mention it to the GP and his comment was I wonder what that is about,,,,,,   well so do I wonder.  It is scary,  and no the answer is not an anti depressant , which further research shows it can kill someone with COPD.

Hopefully see you all tomorrow.  Still windy but SUNNY.  YAY



Jackie said...

Two days in a row with no walk on the Prom. You are probably going a bit crazy, hope tomorrow is better.

God bless.

Ann said...

Hope the weather is better soon, so you can get out on the Prom :)

crafty cat corner said...

Weather not much better down here in the South, wet and misty, not good for lungs.
I sometimes think we would be better off prescribing for ourselves.
I swear that some of the heart drugs that Tom took for years have given him his lung disease. I did ask the consultant after reading that they could damage the lungs but of course she would have none of it.
He has never smoked or worked in any conditions that would cause lung disease so to me it is a forgone conclusion.
Doctors will never admit to anything will they.
Too late now so must make the best of each day.
Don't forget that if you get a couple of those cards over I will buy but understand that it's not easy for you so don't worry about it. x

Ellen D. said...

Hope your weather clears soon! Sorry you aren't feeling great. Hope you feel better soon.

Jean said...

Hope you get out to walk soon. Very cold and dull here but at least dry and not windy. I like seeing the boats and surfers but no way would I want to join them.

mamasmercantile said...

It has been blowing a gale here too. So sorry you haven't been able to get out, a walk is so uplifting.