Saturday, 30 May 2020


I so wish I could do more.  The DP has been told to rest his foot as much as possible.  He pointed out he was my main carer.  The nurse said she knew it was difficult but to try.  So I just get in the way and upset his routines!

I said I would go to the Prom on my own and he reminded me last time I got the chariot out of the back of the car it fell on my leg.....

So we went to the Prom.  I got out and walked.


Not as many people.

Earlier I was painting.

Three Skurries.

Later we were visited by Dyson and Henrietta.

Not as hot today.  But I am tired.  


Laurie said...

Photos are beautiful,, I hope you rest well tonight,, give your husband my best wishes for quick healing foot.

crafty cat corner said...

It's the blind leading the blind here. Tom is unable to do certain things and so am I, consequently we help each other out as best as we can. I don't like to think about the future. We have a really lovely daughter and I'm sure she will be there for us as she is now but its a worry isn't it?

Tigger said...

Will you show us more of your painting as it progresses?

Elaine said...

I wish I lived close by. I would gladly come over to help you out. It's too far a commute from Luray Virginia USA.