Monday, 16 April 2018


It took a while, in fact most of the morning but the Haar eventually lifted.

You can see on the horizon the Haar having rolled back, but still there.

It then rolled back round the Golden Horn.  The Golden Horn is the beacon to highlight the entrance to the harbour.

It was strange to look right and see this,

Then left to see this

In and out it went.

Eyes right.  The Gull Gang were out at sea as it was high tide so nowhere to sit on the sand.

Herring Gulls (Skurries,)

Back home.  Dyson and Sithcat come face to face.  Sith eventually decided, as cats do, to ignore the fact there was a Pheasant as big as him and ignored it and walked away.

We have masses of Daffodils, and as so many were lying on the ground flattened by the wind I managed to pick a jug full.  Brought the outside in.  

More on the Oyster catcher.

Nearly there.

Tomorrow Sith cat is back at the vets to check out his steroids and their effect.  We did have some huffing and puffing the last 24 hours.  So may have to be adjusted.

Me - finished steroids and antibiotics.  Feeling much better. BUT.  I too am back at the human vets tomorrow and, well, I don't think I have totally got rid of this infection.  Hey ho.

Eventually - both he and I may get sorted.


Fishcake_random said...

I remember bring chased up a beach as a kid by the Haar. It was like something from a horror movie having it creep up on you x

mamasmercantile said...

What a difference when the mist is so low to the photos. Hope you get on well at the Doctors and that the infection has cleared.

Catriona Mason said...

Wonderful photos and I’m just going to look at the bright side! Good luck at the doctor’s-hopefully you’ll get good news.

janipi said...

Glad you are feeling better. The lighthouse in the mist is a great photo.