Monday, 3 November 2014


4p.m.. I just got back from the Lighthouse Museum and it really hit this is now post clocks back and I have now very few daylight hours in which to draw and paint.

Sunset will become even earlier in the coming days.

Although we are still experiencing unseasonal high temperatures once 3p.m. is past its colder.

 Around 5p.m. the central oil fired heating comes on, also heats the water.  We eat at 6p.m. ish, then the stove is lit and off goes the liquid gold.  Not long before the woodburner  heats the whole house, well the bit we live in.

I should own up to having a fan heater in the shedudio. I did try a convector but the shedudio is quite large and a blast from a fan heater works better, plus once its got the space up to the required temperature it switches off so I am hoping it wont be too expensive, but to be honest I dont care that much so long as I am comfortable.  

The DP and I have struggled financially all our lives, 4 kids under 5 led to them all being at university at almost the same time, and many of you will know how much that can cost.  I have lost count of the flat deposits we have paid and never seen again, bloody landlords. 

At last the girls are all launched and apart from the occasional propping up financially what we get from our pensions is ours.

We both still appreciate that there is so much in life which does not cost a penny.


November, and for the whole of the winter months, this is the spectacle at dawn as the Pink Footed Geese leave for their feeding grounds from the Loch of Strathbeg.  Many of the geese go over our house, calling to each other.  Along with the Whooper Swans.

 November - lovely.

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BadPenny said...

I simply love watching swans fly. I quite like the darker chilly evenings - as long as the day has been dry & sunny.