Monday, 10 November 2014


458 years ago today the Edward Bonaventure was wrecked near to where now is Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.

Chancelour*  sailed the Edward Bonaventure to Archangelsk, and gained an audience with the Russian tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible) in Moscow, obtaining a trade agreement for a return visit by four vessels, which sailed for London in 1556. Amongst the cargo carried by the Edward Bonaventure, there were many fine furs and exotic animals for Queen Mary Tudor of England. Also on board, was Osep Gregorovitch Napea, the first Russian ambassador to England.
On 10 November 1556, the Edward Bonaventure was attempting to ride out a Northerly gale in Pitsligo Bay when she was driven ashore. Chancelour and about a hundred others were drowned, but the ambassador was one of the few survivors. Flotsam from the vessel included much of the cargo and many of the presents intended for Mary Tudor. The ambassador reported that the local population stole these and other items of value from the wreck, complaining to the Scottish Crown. This proved politically embarrassing, causing Mary Queen of Scots to attempt to recover the stolen property. Royal Commissioners were sent to Pitsligo but recovered none of the ambassador’s belongings.

*Chancelour was the leader of this and previous expeditions. Mostly disastrous. To read more go to canmore.

It rather tickled my sense of humour that the Lairds around denied all knowledge of the treasure.  But soon after undertook massive rebuilding of their castles!  

 So the pirate of then would not have looked like the above at all.

More likely

Ho ho ho.

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It would be hard to sit on the treasure & not SPEND SPEND SPEND !!!